Welcome to our Leadership and Change Resource Center

We partner with business owners and leaders to help them grow their bottom line through leading change and employing tools for personal and organizational change.

  • Today‚Äôs organizations are bombarded with changes in all facets of their business. In order to thrive, they must constantly reinvent how they operate.
  • Research shows that the climate of an organization has a significant impact on the bottom line (as much as 25-30%). Paying attention to the dimensions of climate enables people to make different choices and tap into their discretionary energy.
  • As leaders responsibilities grow, they continue to have tremendous expectations for results. In challenging times, it is easy to slip into the “doing the same thing only harder” paradigm.
  • The best investment companies can make is to support and invest in development interventions that interrupt the status quo and help shift the mindset of leaders and the people they lead.

For over 15 years, Bob Martin has helped organizations change how they lead and how people relate to each other to impact the organizational climate and business results.