Today the growing pressures of global competition fuel the demand for ever-more-effective business leaders. It is their responsibility to set the tone and style for the organization — for effecting cultural shifts to meet changing values and expectations. In order to do that, leaders must themselves change, and be prepared to continue to change.

The coaching program that we offer is becoming recognized as a valuable privilege and a powerful tool for star performers who wish to shine even brighter — akin to the world-class athlete who seeks coaching in order to excel and then to do better. The program is also applicable to the executive who has the potential but for some reason is not delivering what might be expected.

What is Business Coaching?

Coaching is a process through which leaders are helped to improve their performance and personal effectiveness while reducing stress. Our program offers the rare opportunity to stand back and to take a fresh look at the experiences and assumptions of a lifetime. It:

  • Facilitates the identification of inner resources
  • Targets growth areas
  • Promotes a healthy balance between career and personal life which sustains the vitality necessary for effective leadership
  • May reveal the need to learn specific behaviors aimed at enhancing short-term or long-term performance
  • May challenge underlying beliefs and values and invite more fundamental changes

The coach offers direction and assistance – the choice for change rests with the individual. It is he or she that discovers the self-knowledge which forms the foundation for continued growth.